Tasting and Tour with the Winemaker



When you next visit the Barossa, why not get to know your winemaker a little better by hearing the story of how a builder visited the Barossa in 2004, bought a vineyard without telling his wife and survived to make the vinechange to the beautiful Eden Valley in 2004!  He and his wife created a brand and then went on to design and build the buildings to showcase the wine and the food you get to enjoy on your tour. It's a good story........ P.S.  Ask him about the Shhh Cabernet........

Colin will take you on a walk through the vineyard and you can talk about the cycle of grape growing, the winemaking, right through to the bottling process.  Taste the wines from the vines you are looking at while you hear about the stories behind the wines.
Cost $75pp - approx 1 hour duration (min 2 people)

The option to add a lunch to your tour is possible - please make an enquiry. 

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